Hand lettering blog where I will be attempting to demystify hand lettering and offering opinions, tips, and tricks.


Hand Lettering Explosion


From Naive, to Calligraphic, to Typographic,  to Vintage,  to Highly Refined, to Computer Made….

… it’s everywhere.

Have you noticed the preponderance of hand lettering today and wondered why there’s such a resurgence? It’s showing up all over the graphic design world: logos, packaging, advertising, book covers, editorial, and more. Ever wonder why? There are a number of factors that have led to this resurgence.

It’s part of the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement. People love creating their own graphics. Not being “perfect” is part of the charm of hand lettering and that takes the pressure off the creator to not obsess over being perfect, something graphic designers tend to do (for good reason).

It is a rebellion against the cold, slick, digital world of the graphic design. Designers can, if they choose to, do almost all of their designing on screen. There are thousands of fonts to pick from. This approach works well for slamming jobs by cutting out the pencil-to-paper stage, an unfortunate reality of business. Using hand lettering does take longer, but it puts the human element back into design.

Hand lettering is highly adaptable. It can be made to fit any format and any mood. Unlike type, hand lettering evokes authenticity and personality. And a big bonus: it’s very popular with youthful demographics.

Be it good, bad, or ugly, I’d love to hear any opinion you may have on why hand lettering has taken off.

My new Shavano font is done!

Shavano font based on brush script

Yes, my font is done and available now at https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/dan-cotton-lettering/shavano/

Shavano is a bold, smooth-flowing typeface based on pointed brush script. It comes in a clean-edged and a rough style. It is ideal for branding, packaging, headlines, and apparel. This font comes with ligatures, swashes, and alternates.

Shavano rough font options

My New Website Is Finally Done!

website announcement graphic

I am thrilled to announce that my new website is done and up on the internet. It took a not-so-subtle push from Google with their constant reminder “your site is not mobile friendly” (you Luddite!).

I even have a blog where I will be attempting to demystify hand lettering and offering my opinions, tips, and tricks to those interested in using and learning hand lettering.

My many thanks go out to the team at ICON DESIGN, LLC for their hard work and diligence. And a special thanks to Pamela Myhre, Icon’s Grand Poobah, who is a joy to work with.

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