The Branson Logo job is a good example of my custom lettering process. The following images show the hand drawn logo development process step by step. I begin by listening to the client, researching the brand, and exploring various ideas. Then I refine and finalize the design in close consultation with the client.

My client was Art Director Monte Meade, Cultivator Advertising, Denver.


Take notes, ask questions, read briefs, jot down ideas, doodle, visual references are invaluable.

Research topic, competitors, find fresh ideas, thank the internet.

branson brief
branson research


Provide a series of thumbnail sketches,
as many as I can think of
or as time allows,
start with safe designs,
get progressively more daring.

branson pencil sketch4


Focus in on client’s favorite,
try different options,
tighten-up drawings.

Repeat as necessary.

branson pencil sketch3
branson pencil sketch2


It’s there,
or really close,
make final tweeks in vectors.

On rare occasions art provided as pixels.

branson pencil sketch
branson vector