Naive Brush Lettering Exploration on Capturing Naïveté

Naive Brush Lettering Exploration

This project started in January 2017. My objective was to create a Naive Brush Lettering style based on the hand lettering of Monica Garwood.

I started by doing what I knew and pushing that towards a less consistent style. To do this I had to fight my tendency to start stokes heavy at the top and get lighter near the bottom. This lettering needed to start light and get heavier at the bottom. And it needed a lot of variation in letter size and weight.

brush lettering samples

This was just a start. The lettering wasn’t smooth flowing and effortless. That would take more practice so I could make it faster. I was finding out that

achieving naivete hand lettering is harder than it looks

I kept at it for a couple more months. I could see that it was progressing. Finally, I had to call it good. I’m happy with the end results. I also know I can always come back to it and make it even better.

Ta-da! My new Naive lettering style; fluid, playful, and a cool texture.

Naive brush lettering style of USA,KC,Portland