Discover Puerto Rico

Discover Puerto Rico

The official tourism website for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has gone from disaster to recovery. Key to this recovery was the establishment of a new Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). The Discover Puerto Rico website is the primary means of attracting visitors.

My part in this effort was to create hand lettering of “Puerto Rico” for the Discover Puerto Rico logo. A hand crafted lettering direction was chosen because it could best capture the authentic, festive, and adventurous spirit of Puerto Rico. 

I worked with my favorite art director, Monte Mead, of Cultivator Advertising in Denver CO, on this project. The exploration phase of this project was extensive. The client wanted a crafted hand lettering solution but had concerns about readability and that the lettering would look “too much like Coca-Cola”. Thus, many options were explored and tested in focus groups. Here are a few of the many options explored:

Ultimately my hand crafted lettering won the day – yea!